Tim Berners-Lee, by Chloe

28 09 2017

Can you share a fact about Tim Berners-Lee?

Supporting the use of Pic Collage

11 05 2015

This afternoon the Digital Leaders went in to Class 4 to support some year 1 children to use the app Pic Collage on the iPads. Working on a one to one basis the Digital Leaders supported a class member to use the app to to showcase their own invention. The Year 1 children had to take an photo of their painting, upload it into Pic Collage and add a background and text for a title as well as a sentence to describe it. The Digital Leaders had to support the child they were working with without using the app themselves. Not as easy as it sounds, it can be very tempting to touch the screen and do it for them!


Here are a couple of examples the Pic Collages created. You can see some more by following the link to Class 4.


Digital Leaders, can you reflect on how you felt this session went in the comments box below? Here are some things to think about…
Was anything harder than you expected?
Would you do anything differently next time?
Look at the other Pic Collages are there any tips you need to remember for next time?
Are some photos better than others?
Do some backgrounds and font styles work better than others?

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