Digital Parenting

18 05 2018

This month we have been distributing the Digital Parenting magazine to every child in school to take home.

The magazine contains lots of advice and articles for parents about the digital world their children are in. It also includes useful user guides to set up parental controls on different apps and devices. You can read a copy of issue 6 by clicking HERE.



31 01 2018

Over the last few weeks we have been working with Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board and helping them with their new e-safety campaign.

We tested and reviewed a questionnaire aimed at children in the borough. There were lots of different questions including how they access the internet, how often they were on-line in a week, their opinions on certain statements and the apps they use. Then we sent off our feedback,

We have also been busy designing posters and word art for Safer Internet Day in school and preparing our presentation for our assembly on Safer Internet Day.

Finally, we were filmed giving tips to stay safe on line. The clips will be put together by Rochdale Borough Council and used in their e-safety campaign. We can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Create, Connect and Share Respect, by Alexia

23 01 2018

Do you like my Safer Internet Day poster?

Can you share a tip to stay safe online?


30 04 2015

Digital Leaders! I would like you to introduce yourselves on the blog by creating a post each.

You have two tasks…

Task 1 is to create an avatar of yourself. We have talked about E-safety and keeping ourselves safe on-line. Mr Mayoh also mentioned it at our first training session and explained that was why he uses an avitar on his blog, twitter and other sites. We are going to use Bitstrips for schools. So follow the link and make your own avatar! Once you have created it, save the image in your Digital Leader file.

Task 2 is to create a mini fact file about yourself. You might want to use Comiclife or another piece of software to do this. Remember not to add any information that we wouldn’t share on line. The mini fact file is about you starting out as a Digital Leader. You can include your avatar you created.

Once you have completed both these tasks I would like you to create a post on the blog to share what you have done.

Mrs Atherton

Mrs Atherton

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