Challenge 2 – Programming

8 11 2017

Challenge 2 is live on the Arch Digital Leader blog and the theme this half term is Programming.


  • Help other classes/children develop programming skills- ask members of staff to help set up lessons and help with troubleshooting issues.


  • Help teachers and children with their programming needs – facilitate alongside class teacher teaching programming – possibly work with specific groups.


  • Silver criteria +
  • Staff meeting/ Governors drop in session to learn how to use scratch and the benefits of programming – exposing the evolving world of the latest technology and how programming feeds this.


Leave with a comment with how you think we can complete this challenge and if you’re aiming for Bronze, Silver or Gold!


Challenge 1

5 10 2017

Post your thoughts and ideas on what you think you could do to complete Challenge 1.

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Challenge 4

7 04 2017

For our fourth challenge we wrote a set of instructions on how to make QR codes.

This is something we get asked a lot and thought that the members of staff who work at our school would find helpful.

We used Microsoft Publisher to create our instructions and even included a QR code for the website we use to generate them.

Mr. Mayoh’s Second Challenge!

5 05 2015

Mr. Mayoh has set the second challenge! Your next task is to prove to Mr. Mayoh that people in our school know that you are Digital Leaders. You will need to complete the challenge by creating a blog post on the Heywood Digital Leaders Blog detailing how you have completed the challenge by the deadline date of Friday 15th May. Follow the link to read full details of the challenge Challenge #2 and see some of the suggestions. I would like you to think of other ways you can do this, you can add your ideas to the padlet below and we will discuss them in more detail at our next after school meeting on Thursday.

Get your thinking caps on Digital Leaders! You need to spread the word!

Mr. Mayoh’s First Challenge!

28 04 2015

For the last week, we have been working on our first challenge set by Mr. Mayoh. Our challenge is to conduct a whole school review of what digital technologies we have in school. Classrooms, boxes, drawers and cupboards have been searched! Here is a sneak peek of what we have found so far…

IMG_0769   IMG_0867

The deadline for our challenge is Friday 1st May so we will be posting about our findings before then. You can read the full details of Heywood Digital Leaders blog by following the link.

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