Digital Leaders 2021 – 2022

1 10 2021

As we have started a new school year, our first task to recruit some new Digital Leaders before our first challenge is posted on the Rochdale Digital Leader blog. Application forms are available on the school website or from Mrs Atherton. How are you going to advertise and recruit new Digital Leaders? You also need to create your badges for your Digital Leader lanyards. Use SVG Avatars to create your avatar.



2 responses to “Digital Leaders 2021 – 2022”

14 10 2021
  Ava (13:00:14) :

Really good idea, I enjoyed reading your post. At our school we used a Google form to complete online Digital Leader application forms, which pupils in year 5 and 6 could fill out to get the position.

14 10 2021
  Lois (13:03:50) :

I enjoyed reading the information about your Digital Leaders. It was interesting to find out that we could design badges. At our, school the teachers have created an application to find out who will be a Digital Leader.

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