Digital Leader Recruitment

23 11 2020

During the Autumn half term we have been busy advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and recruiting Year 5 children to become Digital Leaders. We created a video, which was shared on our school social media accounts and spoke to Year 5 to tell them how to apply for the role. Once the deadline had passed, Mrs Atherton anonymised the forms and we shortlisted 8 children for interview. After half term the interviews were held and we were very impressed with everyone’s presentations. After lots of discussion, we managed to pick three Year 5 children to join us.

Congratulations to the new Year 5 Digital Leaders!



One response to “Digital Leader Recruitment”

14 10 2021
  Teagan (12:59:42) :

Great I love that you have lanyards for you digital leaders. I think its a really good idea

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