Challenge 1, by Ava, Jakub and Oliver

16 10 2019

We are new Digital Leaders and we were recruited by the Year 6 Digital Leaders through an application form and interview process at the start of the school year.

We used Powerpoint to prepare an excellent assembly for our school so that everyone knows who we are and what we do. We have also worked with Year 1 and worked with the children to create and test their own algorithm with the Bee-Bots.

We decided to have a completely new Digital Leader display in the ICT suite this year and agreed on a Minecraft theme. We will be adding to our display over the year and keeping it updated with all of the exciting things that we will be doing.

On Monday 14th October 2019 we hosted an ‘E-Safety Information Stand’ at parents evening. We displayed National Online Safety user guides and safety tips for parents and guardians on a display board and we went and spoke to parents, guardians, teachers and school governors. We spoke to over 70 different people and signposted them to the e-safety pages on the school website and asked them if there were any apps or software that they would like more information about. Mrs Atherton will use this information to share user guides and safety tips about the apps on our list through the school website and social media pages.

Mrs Atherton has made sure that we have appeared on our school social media pages and we have updated our Hopwood Digital Leader blog and our page on the school website.



10 responses to “Challenge 1, by Ava, Jakub and Oliver”

14 10 2021
  Alfie (12:53:43) :

These are really good ideas

14 10 2021
  Alfie (12:54:04) :

These are really good ideas.

14 10 2021
  Mrs Smith (12:54:43) :

Your blog is really good. I love your idea of doing a MInecraft theme for your Digital Leaders display board.

14 10 2021
  Gracie (Harwood Park) (12:55:17) :

I liked the idea of the Minecraft display. I wish we could see a picture!

14 10 2021
  Wilfrid (12:56:26) :

Good Challenge, I’m quite surprised you could do all of that! I may have said that because it is my school.
Wilfrid-Hopwood Digital Leader

14 10 2021
  Gabriel (12:56:43) :

I love the fact that you have got a minecraft theme in the ICT suite

14 10 2021
  Molly Bowlee Park Community School (12:57:04) :

You guys have some awesome ideas.

14 10 2021
  Alfie (12:58:59) :

Your minecraft theme idea is really good!

14 10 2021
  Alfie (13:02:00) :

I wish our ICT suite had a minecraft theme.

14 10 2021
  Kornelia (13:03:24) :

Well done Hopwood digital leaders ! Great job ! This is a great idea for the ks1 and ks2 children at your school who yet don’t know about internet/online safety. This is a cool and smart idea. Good Thinking!

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