Challenge 1

3 10 2019

Digital Leaders, here is your first challenge of the academic year. There are different levels you can work towards, as detailed below. But there a lots of different ways to raise awareness of your role, e.g. Having a stand at parents evening, that you could complete, you don’t just have to do the things on the list, they are just suggestions. Leave a comment with your ideas.

Bronze Level

  • Prepare and present an assembly to the whole school telling them who digital leaders are and what you do.
  • Help set up computing lessons across the school
  • Create a display in the school showing the school and visitors who the Digital Leaders are.
  • Create posters around your school publicising the new digital leaders and their role.

Silver Level                               

  • Prepare and present an assembly to the whole school telling them who digital leaders are and what you do.
  • Post a blog/article on ‘your school’ website and on the Digital Leaders page telling others what the digital leaders do and how you can help with computing in your school.

Gold Level

  • Silver criteria + facilitate a staff meeting (inviting governors) telling staff who you are and what you do.



11 responses to “Challenge 1”

3 10 2019
  Olivia (11:56:33) :

I think we should start creating posters to place around school to explain what we do and how we help pupils and staff.

3 10 2019
  George (11:57:45) :

I think we should have a staff meeting and an assembly so both the governors and the children would know who we are and what we do.

3 10 2019
  Ben (12:01:21) :

I will help set up computing lessons across the school by staying in for parents evening to help them with the electronic.

3 10 2019
  Olivia (12:01:42) :

I think that we should have a whole school assembly explaining who we are and how we help people.

3 10 2019
  Ava (12:03:35) :

we could set up a stall at parents evening with digital leaders to show and display things online

3 10 2019
  George (12:03:57) :

We the digital leaders should hold a poster competition soeveryone in the school incluing the parents and the visitors (everyone else who enters the school) knows about the digital leaders we could also hove tech master of the week award for the people in ICT.

3 10 2019
  Jakub (12:05:17) :

I would like to do an asembly about how to be a Digital Leader .

3 10 2019
  Wiggles (12:06:29) :

I think that we should create a power point about why it is a privilege to be a digital leader and also make posters about . We should update our blog to make it more noticeable and brighter to catch eyes. We could help in the ICT suite when it is a class lesson and show them again and give them extra support. When its parents evening, we could bring up some children and they have 30 minutes to try out any apps or have a look at some old files (only on pupils shared work though).We can get some children to do English, and type up a improved version of their book. We could let Pupils design a computer, so give them a template of a black computer ad hey can sign the rest. Maybe they could design their own Halloween costume on a painting app. Hold a competition on who can design the best poster.

3 10 2019
  Ava (12:08:30) :

we could go round to each classroom to tell children who we are

3 10 2019
  oliver (12:09:30) :

We could host on set days a lunchtime club on computing.

14 10 2021
  Tia (12:58:44) :

If parents evening is back in school i would love to do that.

Tia Hopwood Digital Leader

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