Safer Internet Day Kahoot Quiz

1 02 2019

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As part of our Safer Internet Day activities, you will be running a quiz between each Year group partner classes. Can you think of a question around online safety and this years theme and then give one correct answer and 3 incorrect answers. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…



19 responses to “Safer Internet Day Kahoot Quiz”

4 02 2019
  Olivia the Digital Leader (13:45:02) :

Winnie the wolf posted a picture of her in her school uniform on the internet,the next day an anonymous person liked her picture and messaged her saying ” What is your address?”.What should she do?

a.Send the address to them.
b.Start chatting to them online.
c.Tell a trusted adult and report them to CEOP.
d.Invite them round for tea and biscuits.

Which one did you choose?

4 02 2019
  ben (13:46:11) :

What do you do if you go on a game and some one is speaking bad what do you do?

A:speak bad back
B:tell a reasonable adult
C:don’t say anything about it

4 02 2019
  George (13:46:37) :

Max has been sent a text from a stranger containing a link. Does he.
A. Click it.
B. text them back
C. Tell an adult
D. add them to your contacts

4 02 2019
  Chloe (DL) (13:50:13) :

Jasmine was bored so she decided she would play on her brand new phone she had got for her birthday. Before she was allowed to play online she needed her mum’s approval. Jasmine was happy that she was allowed to play on her phone for 1 hour only! She was playing her favourite game master draw and she received a text message on Messages from a person. What should she do?
a. text them back
b. ask who they are
c. ask what they look like
d. tell a parent

4 02 2019
  Izzy (13:50:29) :

One day , you were on your favorite game. You saw an advert appear on the screen for a game you had been waiting for to come out. When you click the link , a strange website about the world comes up. You don’t tell your mum or dad about the website , and carry on playing the game when the same advert shows up again! What could have happened to your device? You get suspicious , but eventually come up with the reason of her device playing up. After ages of worrying , you say to your mum that you saw an advert appear several times in a row. She says that it was a hacker and that you should never play the game again…

4 02 2019
  Ben (14:00:56) :

If Jen Got a new password on her computer and she real want to tell someone who will she tell.

A: a reasonable friend
B: a stranger
C:Her Mums Friends that is not reasonable
D:. Her goldfish

4 02 2019
  George (14:01:24) :

Ben was playing zombie smash when someone that he didn’t know joined his team and starts being rude to him.
A. Talk back
B. block them.
C. send a friend request
D. Cyber bully the stranger.

4 02 2019
  Olivia the Digital Leader (14:06:27) :

Olivia keeps receiving phone calls from a withheld(hidden) phone number and, when he answers, no one speaks..What should she do?

a.Tell them you will find them…mwahaha.
b.Go and whine about it to her mum.
c.Report them for fraud.
d.FaceTime them back.

4 02 2019
  :) (14:07:23) :

Lucy receives an email that tells him to click a link to claim a £1000 prize, but Lucy doesn’t remember entering a competition. What should she do? A/Click It. B/Ignore it. C/Reply. D/Enter your details in.

4 02 2019
  Chloe (DL) (14:09:42) :

A group of Lily’s friends have been looking at something on their tablet and laughing. What should he do?
A. Laugh with them
B. Ignore them
C. Ask what they are doing
D. Report them

4 02 2019
  :) (14:11:21) :

Adrian’s friend reccommends an inappropriate video online. What should he not do? A/Ignore him. B/ Watch it anyway C/Tell his parents. D/Report the video.

4 02 2019
  :) (14:16:02) :

Mils is reading an online comic. He finishes the book , and wants to buy another one. Should he A/ Buy it B/Not buy it. C/Sign into a friend’s account D/:)

4 02 2019
  George (14:17:18) :

Mr Hilton was playing turn your dragon into GODZILLA when he saw an add saying 1000000000000 in Godzilla eggs for free click to find out more does he
A. click it
B. delete the game
C. tell his dad
D. think it’s too shady so buy the Godzilla eggs with your dads money

4 02 2019
  Ben (14:18:32) :

George was being bulling on line because they had mics and his friend s there what should he do?

A do nothing
B tell a adult
c join in bulling
D defend George

4 02 2019
  Alexia (14:43:05) :

Molly sees her friend sending a scary picture to her cousin. Her friend says that it is just a joke….

Should Molly:

a) tell an adult
b)join in and do it too
c)just forget about it
d)make her stop

4 02 2019
  Olivia The Digital Leader (14:43:21) :

Yesterday ,Ariana Grande downloaded an auto tuner app for her laptop.Ever since then her computer has been doing strange things by itself and every time she tries to check her fan mail on Gmail it says her password is wrong. She has been hacked!!!What should she do?

a. Tell the news.
b. Sit there worrying about it
c. Scoff her face with chocolate until all her singing career has vanished
d. Report them to CEOP and the police

What did you think she should you do?

4 02 2019
  Mia (14:46:11) :

Suzy downloads a picture from the internet and tells the teacher that she made it for her homework. Should she:

A: keep lying
B: Tell the truth
C: Blame her friends
D: Forget about it

4 02 2019
  Rayaan (14:47:58) :

Ben purchases a online game on his PS4 without permission from his parents and he spent more then £50 but his mum and dad do not know
should he:

A: Carry on playing his game
B: Tell the truth and understand his mistake
C: Delete the game and pretend he didnt buy anything
D: Blame it on his sibling and say they bought it accidentially

4 02 2019
  Chloe (14:48:50) :

A stranger asks Kodie where she lives. What should she do?

1. Ignore them
2. Report them
3. Ask them if they want to go shopping in H&M
4. Tell a trusted adult and let CEOP know what is happening

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