Challenge 1

19 10 2018

To complete challenge one we recruited new digital leaders from Year 5 to help our Digital Team to become stronger. We created a breaking news video to make people aware of the interviews and recruitment campaign. We then presented to Year 5 our speech and gave out application forms. We then had a pile of application forms, which we read and shortlisted, depending on how well they had completed the application form. We shared the application process on our school social media pages including a photo of our newest Digital Leaders. We have also updated our Digital Leader display in the ICT suite and we’ve been introducing ourselves to staff and pupils.

Watch our animoto below to see what we got up to!

Recruiting New Digital Leaders

16 10 2018

Over the last few weeks we have been very busy recruiting three new Digital Leaders from Year 5.

We created a short video, which were published on our school’s social media accounts, and presented our role to both Year 5 classes.

Mrs Atherton then concealed names on the application forms and we had the task of shortlisting applicants for interview.

The Year 6 Digital Leaders then had the task of drafting questions and tasks for the interviews.

Out of the 9 candidates interviewed, they then had the very difficult job of narrowing it down to just three. During the interview process points were awarded for how well questions were answered and tasks were completed.  The scores were very close, but we would like to introduce our three new Digital Leaders.


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