Camera Skills and PicCollage

21 10 2016

This week some of our Digital Leaders went in to Class 1 to help them with their camera skills and to use the app PicCollage.

Here’s Daisy’s evaluation…

“When I went into reception I thought it was quite easy to let them take the photos and know what to do on the iPads .I also thought it was easy to show them what to do .However I thought it were quite hard to get them to listen but I thought reception were really good as when they did something good I gave them I high five so they did more good things.”



Challenge 1, by Asha and Phoebe

21 10 2016

This half term we have been working hard on our first challenge.

What we had to do to complete our Digital Leader Challenge one was to, make posters on the computers and present ourselves in our achievement assembly. We all found it quite easy to complete the poster but as we went on it got a bit more challenging.

Next we had to make a video and use the app Animoto to make it. We also had to be a team while doing these tasks, like making the video. The video is based on our challenges that we have faced and what we have been doing so far, also showing you photos of us in are assembly presentation and what we have been doing on the computers.

Here is our animoto.


19 10 2016

Avatar creator

Phoebe has saved this great link to create your own avatar for free.

The website is called svgAvatars and its really easy to use.

You work through the tabs at the top to create an online version of you.

Digital Leaders, please make sure you have created an avatar and saved it.

Our top tip would be to make sure you save it as a png when you down load your avatar!

My Digital Leader Poster, by Isaac

19 10 2016

Isaac's poster

Do you like my Digital Leader poster?

My Digital Leader Poster, by Asha

19 10 2016

Here’s my Digital Leader poster I made with Publisher for our first challenge.

Do you like it?

Digital Leader poster#1

Programming Apps

7 10 2016

This week we have been looking at the different programming apps on the iPads.

Which app did you look at?
Was it easy to use?
Which year group do you think it would be suitable for?
Could you see the algorithm you created?

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