Digital Leader Challenge 1

28 09 2016

Hello Digital Leaders!

Are you ready for your first Digital Leader challenge of 2016/2017?

As you are new Digital Leaders it is important that people at our school know who you are and what you do. So your first challenge is to ensure that you spread the word across school. There are lots of different ways to do this, but here are some ideas:

You could create, or update, a Digital Leader display.
You could introduce yourselves and your role in an assembly.
You could add a section to your school website or blog.
You could make posters to place around school.

You must make sure that people know who you are, what you can do to help, and how they can find you if they need you.

Once you have completed the challenge add a post to our blog and the Shine Partnership Digital Leader blog and share what you have done. The deadline is Friday 21st October.

Good luck!



6 responses to “Digital Leader Challenge 1”

29 09 2016
  Kane (14:54:41) :

Hi my name is Kane and I would like to introduce myself and role in Friday assembly.

29 09 2016
  Isaac (14:57:19) :

Hi my name is Isaac and I would like to introduce myself in assembly. I would also like to leave posters around school to let everyone know about Digital Leaders!

29 09 2016
  William (14:57:42) :

Hi I am called William I’m a new digital leader I want to to show ourselfs in assembly, update our display and put a information box on the Friday news.

29 09 2016
  Benjamin (14:58:04) :

Hi there,
My name is Ben and I am a new digital leader. I think we should do option 1, 2 and 4.

29 09 2016
  Jayden (14:58:41) :

Hi there,
My name is Jayden ! I am a new digital leader, my idea is to do an assembly about us and hang posters up.

1 10 2016
  Asha (08:08:26) :

Hi my name is Asha and I would like to make a poster and show it in assembly.

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