Interviewing New Digital Leaders

20 07 2016

After looking through the applications earlier in the week, today we interviewed all of the Year 5s who applied to be a Digital Leader. The interviews were held in our ICT suite and everyone had tasks to complete whilst they were waiting to be interviewed.

image   image

Congratulations Year 5, here are Hopwood’s newest Digital Leaders.


Microbit Emotion Badges

20 07 2016

On our last day as Digital Leaders at Hopwood we created emotion badges using a BBC Microbit and using block editor. You can programme a Microbit in different ways including block editor, which is similar to Scratch or, python or JavaScript, which is  type of html. We looked at some block scripts on the website then used the button which shows you the html code as we’ll be looking at this at high school. In groups of three we programmed the Microbit. We each had a different input, A button, B button or A+B button and selected which of the 25 LEDs would light up to create our emotion badge. We programmed different faces, a heart, thumbs up and a thought bubble. What would your emotion badge show?

image image image image image image

Digital Leader Display

20 07 2016

In September we will need to update the current Digital Leader display in the ICT suite. Can you think of any ideas and leave your suggestions on the padlet below?

Applications are now open!

8 07 2016


This afternoon we have presented to Year 5 to tell them all about being a Digital Leader. We have had lots of interest in people who want to apply and we are looking forward to being part of the interview process with Mrs Atherton.

The application form and job description are on the Digital Leader section of our school website. This year we are also welcoming applications that are made on Scratch, iMovie, MovieMaker or any other appropriate digital format, but remember, don’t include your full name!

Good luck to anyone from our Year 4 and 5, if you need to speak to us, you know where to find us! Just in case you need a little reminder, here is our presentation.


6 07 2016



Microbit from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

Today Mrs Atherton brought her Microbit in to school and programmed a message for us. Can you think of any examples in day to day life when you might see an LED screen like this in use? It might be on a larger scale than on a Microbit, but you can find similar LED screen messages in lots of places.
We are going to make our own emotion badges using the Block editor and programming which of the 25 LEDs will light up when a given input is activated. How many different emotions do you think you could include in your script? Here are some examples below.

microbit 1microbit

Beat the Goalie – Euro 2016

5 07 2016

We have been supporting our classmates to remix and make their own versions of Beat the Goalie on the Scratch website. What did you change to put your own personal stamp your Scratch remix?

Click the green flag to start the game.

Player 1:
Use ‘space’ to kick the ball towards the goal. You have 30 seconds to score as many goals as possible.

Player 2:
Use the left and right arrows to try and stop goals being scored.

By Heidi

By Emily

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