Recruiting New Digital Leaders

30 06 2016

We are nearly ready to open applications for our next group of Digital Leaders. We have been working hard on posters and a presentation for the Year 4s and Year 5s. We have also worked together with Mrs. Atherton and used our original Digital Leader avatars to create the Scratch animation below. How do you advertise Digital Leader recruitment? Press the green flag to start the animation.

Recruiting New Digital Leaders

21 06 2016

Are you ready for your final challenge?

Challenge 6 is on the Shine Digital Leader blog.

We need to recruit new Digital Leaders so you can mentor them over the last few weeks in your role.

Digital Leaders

Can you add a post to the Padlet or leave a comment with your ideas?

Our Digital Leader Story

21 06 2016

This morning we presented to everyone at the Heywood Digital Leader KidsMeet. We have shared our Powerpoint presentation below using slideshare.

Lego WeDo, by Rebecca

15 06 2016

Today Mrs. Hill asked us to check the Lego WeDo we have. Afterall, we really enjoyed our Lego WeDo workshop with the robots on Friday.

We have two different sets of Lego WeDo.

One set has different pieces to make animals with, the other is to construct mechanical objects with.

Have you used WeDo before? What did you make with it?


10 06 2016



Today we attended  a robot workshop with other Digital Leaders from the Shine Partnership. We met a robot called Nao (pictured above) who could talk, play football, respond to instructions and he could also sing and dance. We also used Lego WeDo to design, construct and program our own cars. We used the Lego WeDo software as an app on iPad minis and it was really easy to use. The software was written by the same person who wrote the Scratch software.

What did you learn at the workshop?
What are the three main things a robot needs to work?
What was your favourite part?
What would you program Nao to do?

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