Our trip to the Apple store in the Trafford centre, by Caitlin

22 04 2016


On the 22nd of April at the Trafford centre the six Digital Leaders: Caitlin, Emily, Talitha, Rebecca, Grace and Heidi went to do a technology work shop along with some eager prospective Digital Leaders.

When we got there –after the 15 minute drive with a friendly coach driver called Steve- we went up the flight of stairs and into the Apple store where we were given t-shirts with apples on – very fashionable.

When we had put our t-shirts on we partnered up and logged onto the iPads provided. Our project was to create an iMovie on the Queen’s 90th birthday . We found some photos on Google , copied them and turned it into a trailer for a movie on iMovie. When we had all finished we watched each other’s and gave them a round of applause.

After that we made the short trip back to Hopwood to continue our day.


Digital Pupils Visit Apple Store, by Isaac and Ben

22 04 2016

Digital Pupils

Our trip to the Apple Store, by Heidi

22 04 2016

Apple Store

Apple Store Visit

22 04 2016

This morning we visited the Apple Store to create a project. We also took some Year 4 and 5 children with us and we supported them to use iMovie. Watch the Animoto below to see what we got up to and we’ll be blogging about our trip too!

Digital Technology in an Airport, by Heidi

20 04 2016

Plane flying away 1

At Easter I went to Malta and these are some of the digital technologies I saw in the airport.

The luggage scanner

The luggage scanner is used to show if there is anything that you shouldn’t have in your bags.

The flight board.

There is the screen that shows when the time your plane sets off. This is so you aren’t late for your flight.

The Body Scanner

There is a body scanner so that you haven’t got any weapons hidden in your clothes.

Passport Control

They have computers to check your passport. This is so that you are the right person and you haven’t stolen a passport and you aren’t a criminal.

Luggage Barcodes

There are luggage tags that have barcodes on them.   This is so your luggage can’t get put on the wrong plane.


Can you think of any other digital technology you might find in an airport?

Challenge 5

11 04 2016



Challenge 5 has been uploaded to the Shine Partnership Digital Leader Blog! Each school will be going on their own WOW event. We have already visited the Recycling centre with the Eco Team and we are looking forward to visiting the Apple Store soon too.

At the KidsMeet, in the last half term, you will deliver a short presentation, about 5 to 10 minutes long, to the other Digital Leaders at the KidsMeet. Your presentation can include:

  • How you have supported people since you became a Digital Leader
  • A favourite app and how it can be used in school
  • Top tips for new Digital Leaders

And you must include a section about your WOW event including what you did and what you learnt.

So, all you need to share on the Shine Partnership Digital Leader Blog for this challenge is the title of your presentation. You might want to start planning your presentation, but you won’t need to share it on the blog yet. You might want to evaluate our trip with the Eco Team to the recycling plant and write a blog post about that so you don’t forget what you learned before our next trip!

Leave your ideas for the title of the presentation as a comment.

Easter Explorations

10 04 2016


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