Creating a user guide

24 02 2016

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Digital Leader Challenge – Creating a user guide

24 02 2016
Do you have a favourite app, or piece of technology? Maybe there is something you discovered in your first challenge that people don’t know how to use…
Part of your role as a Digital Leader is to help and support other people to use digital technology. So your fourth challenge is to create a user guide for your chosen app, software or technology. How you produce your user guide is also up to you. Think about your audience. Are you creating a user guide that would help the staff at your school or the children? Maybe it would be for everyone. You might want to create a written leaflet or instructional video. How will people access your guide and know its there to use?
Here is the user guide we made last time using thinglink.

Once you have created your user guide, upload it in a post on the  Digital Leader blog and explain how people know it exists.
The deadline for this challenge is Thursday 24th March 2016.
Good luck!


Safer Internet Day 2016

12 02 2016

Here is how we responded to our Safer Internet Day challenge. This year we helped our classmates create their own avatar. The site we used is called DoppelMe and picked it because it is free so anyone can create one.

Class 12 Avatars

We created a video to be shared on the blog and in assembly. It had some important messages to help people keep themselves safe online.

You can watch it below!

Internet Safety from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

We also went down to Year 1 before the end of the day and read the story of Chicken Clicking to them.

We talked to them about staying safe on the internet.


Finally, we joined forces with the School Council and handed out leaflets we had made together.

IMG_6122  IMG_6116

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