Mrs Atherton’s Challenge

11 11 2015

We will be looking to recruit some new Digital Leaders after Christmas. This is so that they can be trained and have completed Mr Mayoh’s challenges by the time you, our current Year 6 Digital Leaders, will be taking a step back to focus on your end of year activities. You will still of course be Digital Leaders, but you will need to help train the new recruits before you leave at the end of the school year.

So, there are a few different things we will need to do before they can apply…

You will need to do a presentation to the other children and tell them all about the role of a Digital Leader does. You’ve done similar presentations before so maybe you can use this as starter for ideas?

You will need to advertise that we are recruiting. Do you want to make posters? An audio advert? A video clip? An animation?

You also need to think of some other ways, apart from  that people could apply to be a Digital Leader? Could they make an animation in Scratch? Or a short video?

Use the padlet below to build up some ideas…

Phoetic App for Firework Poems

6 11 2015

In our Digital Leader meeting this week we prepared the iPads for Miss Preston and Class 5. We recapped using the app Phoetic before going in to class to support year 2 them using the app to make their own phoetic firework poems. We made our own examples to check what firework images worked and which were too fine for their words to fit on. We then made sure that each iPad had an image saved to the photo album so they were ready to use. You can see their phoetic firework poems by vising their blog.

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