My Coded Message, by Talitha

22 05 2015

This is my coded message for challenge 3. Do you know what it says?

Digital Leader Presentation

21 05 2015

We did our first Digital Leader presentation today. Our presentation was to the year 5 and 6 pupils at our school along with their teachers. We are hoping to present our Digital Leader powerpoint and video to the other year groups in school too after half term. How do you think our presentation went?

Challenge 3 -Grace’s coded message!

21 05 2015

Here is my coded message. Can you crack it?

Challenge 3 – Rebecca’s coded message!

21 05 2015

Find out what I’m saying by cracking the code!

My coded message, by Caitlin

21 05 2015

The Digital Leaders have been looking at cracking codes this week. We made a code wheel and unscrambled a message. Next we had to write our own message and then put it in to the code. Can you crack the code to discover what my message says?

Challenge 3, by Emily

21 05 2015

Can you work out what my coded message says?

My Code, by Heidi

20 05 2015

Do you know what I am saying?

Mr. Mayoh’s Third Challenge!

18 05 2015

The third challenge has been posted on the Heywood Digital Leaders blog this morning. The challenge is set on a challenge from the James Dyson Foundation. James Dyson is a British inventor most famous for his bag-less Dyson vacuum cleaners which use cyclonic seperation.

james dyson

Your challenge is to make your own code breakers and solve the clue at the top of the James Dyson challenge card above. Then you need to write your own codes which need to be related to your role as Digital Leaders or about digital technology.

The deadline is Friday 22nd May. Good luck!

Our Digital Leader Video – Challenge #2

15 05 2015

Here is the video we made to introduce ourselves as part of our response to the second challenge.

How can we help you?

15 05 2015

Teachers, Teaching Assistants and everyone at Hopwood…

Could you spare a minute to complete our survey? We have come up with some questions that we hope will help us prepare to support you in the ways you want and need us to. There is a comments box you can complete if there isn’t the answer you were thinking of. We will use the results to decide with Mrs Atherton what we need training in or which areas to focus on first.

Take Our Survey!

Thank you!

Hopwood Digital Leaders

Challenge #2

14 05 2015


We have been working hard on the second challenge set by Mr. Mayoh, which was to make sure that people within our school, and beyond, know about us!

We have our own blog and we also post on the Heywood Digital Leaders site to share what we have been doing and respond to our challenges. We can also communicate with other Digital Leaders from Heywood schools and discover what they have been doing too.

So our first step was to make a display. We talked about what we wanted to put on the board and chose to have a QR code link to our blog, our avatars and some photos of what we have been doing on the board. We can then add more photos when we do new things in our role. Mrs Atherton then laminated them for us and put the display up. Here is what it looks like.


Secondly, Mrs Atherton made sure we got a mention on Friday news. We put our blog address and a QR code to make sure our class mates and parents know about us too.

Next, we thought about making leaflets so we could give them to staff around school so they knew who we are and where to find us. We mind mapped which members of staff might want to use Digital Leaders and the things they might want us to do on a popplet. We then used this to make our own leaflets. We made two, one for Teaching Assistants and one for Teachers, but we were careful to make sure they looked similar. Mrs Atherton helped us to make a simple Bitstrips for school comic so we were on the leaflet without putting our names and photos on. We will be giving them out tomorrow but there is a sneak peek below! We are currently working on a couple of other things for challenge 2 that we will be finishing off by the deadline tomorrow. We look forward to sharing them with you…

Teaching Assistant Leaflet Teachers Leaflet

Thinking about our audience…

13 05 2015

We have decided that we are going to design and write some leaflets so that people in school know who the Digital Leaders are and what they do. We thought about the different people in school we could help or support and what they might want help with. We used Popplet to map our thoughts.

Digital Leaders, you now need to think about what you are going to include in your leaflet. You can draft a leaflet if you want or jot some ideas down in your noteboos. Think about what tools you use in a literacy to write a persuasive text…

Digital Leader Meeting with Chris Mayoh

12 05 2015

Chris Mayoh meeting 120515


This afternoon we had a catch up meeting with Chris Mayoh. We talked about how we got on with our first challenge, what we found and how we had presented our findings. Then we discussed what we had already done and our ideas for the second challenge we are currently working on. Mr. Mayoh suggested that we could make our own video, we really liked this idea, so now we need to think about what we would include in a video. Mr. Mayoh briefly explained what would happen at the Digital Leaders Kids Meet near the end of the school year and that the last couple of challenges would lead up to that. We are enjoying our challenges and look forward to presenting our second challenge at the end of the week!


Supporting the use of Pic Collage

11 05 2015

This afternoon the Digital Leaders went in to Class 4 to support some year 1 children to use the app Pic Collage on the iPads. Working on a one to one basis the Digital Leaders supported a class member to use the app to to showcase their own invention. The Year 1 children had to take an photo of their painting, upload it into Pic Collage and add a background and text for a title as well as a sentence to describe it. The Digital Leaders had to support the child they were working with without using the app themselves. Not as easy as it sounds, it can be very tempting to touch the screen and do it for them!


Here are a couple of examples the Pic Collages created. You can see some more by following the link to Class 4.


Digital Leaders, can you reflect on how you felt this session went in the comments box below? Here are some things to think about…
Was anything harder than you expected?
Would you do anything differently next time?
Look at the other Pic Collages are there any tips you need to remember for next time?
Are some photos better than others?
Do some backgrounds and font styles work better than others?

Digital Leaders Display

11 05 2015

Can you add a comment with your suggestions about what sort of things you think should go on your display board?

Pic Collage, by Rebecca

8 05 2015

You could use Pic Collage in many different lessons such as basic maths,English ,science investigations and art.
It is a very easy app to use and to teach someone how to use, as you only have to press a few buttons and it is done! You can also change the font of the writing, the colour of the writing, the background and you can either get pictures of the internet or take it on the camera and put that on it. After you have placed your pictures by pressing on the background , then pressing on the camera icon, you can start to type. Again you have to press the background, but this time you have to press on the text icon. After that you can move you pictures and typing about and make it bigger or smaller.

This is my collage from a character study of the book Starfly.

Rebecca     pic collage

PicCollage By Emily

8 05 2015

I think that PicCollage is a good way to encourage children to write and learn. It is easy to use and is very quick. You could use it in English, Art, Basic Maths or science investigations. Here is how it works.

Firstly, you should take the pictures that you want to use on the post. Then you open up PicCollage and tap on the screen, it should come up with some choices, tap choose picture. Press which pictures you want to use then press the tick. The pictures should appear on the screen, when they appear you should be able to move or slant the boxes around. After that you can press on the screen again and it should come up with six choices. This time you should press backgrounds you can pick a suitable background. Next you can press on the screen again and press text, now you can type whatever you want into the box , by pressing the pen you can change the colour of the text, by pressing the paint box you can have a box around it and choose the colour of the box. Once you are happy with the colour, font, and box press the tick. Finally, you press save and send to photo library where you can post it on what you wan and do what ever you want with it.

Here is my collage I made. What do you use Pic Collage for?

Emily  pic collage

Pic Collage by Heidi

8 05 2015

pic collage  Pic Collage

It is very easy to use I used it for making a description on why and who I think stole the eggs in Starfly. You can use it for English , topic and even maths.

How to use it

First select Pic Collage, then you press on a clean paper and click anywhere. You will get a menu with picture, background, text and stickers and press picture . Your pictures will appear. Select the pictures you would like to use and then press the tick in the top right hand corner. Then they will appear on your paper and you can make them smaller or bigger and you can put them on a slant. Then press the screen for the menu where you want writing. Press text and type what you want to say. You can choose the background colour by pressing on the paint pot and the text by selecting the pen and choosing your colour. Press the tick and put it to what size you want. Next get your background and choose your style. Finally press the square in bottom right hand corner, press save to library and you’re done!

Here is the Pic Collage I created with the app. Have you used Pic Collage before?


Pic Collage

7 05 2015

pic collage

At our Digital Leader meeting today after school we looked at the app PicCollage on the iPads. I have used this app in different classes at school. Some examples of how it has been used from year 3 and reception are below, you can see the original posts by clicking on the links.




I know that both myself and teachers would appreciate additional support using this app with pupils in class, especially in Key Stage 1, which is part of your role. After our session with Yvonne Weatherhead today and working on the Starfly books we went through the app together and created a Pic Collage of the character you were being interviewed as including a back ground, photos and text. Here is Grace’s Pic Collage as an example.


I would like you to evaluate the app either as a comment or your own blog post and add any ideas you might have for how it could be used in lessons. Can you include instructions on how to use it or include instructions or some tips?

Mrs Atherton

Bitstrips for Schools

6 05 2015

We have talked about making leaflets, posters or cartoons as a way of promoting you as Digital Leaders. Can you think of a scenario where you might be able to help a teacher or support a group of children using digital technology? Log in to Bitstrips for Schools and try creating an appropriate comic strip that would promote you and what you can do. Here’s one I’ve made…

You need to:
* Log in
* Click on ‘my comics’
* Click on ‘make a comic’
* Select a layout

Work through the tabs along the top to add characters, scenes, props, thought bubbles etc, then save. Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Mr. Mayoh’s Second Challenge!

5 05 2015

Mr. Mayoh has set the second challenge! Your next task is to prove to Mr. Mayoh that people in our school know that you are Digital Leaders. You will need to complete the challenge by creating a blog post on the Heywood Digital Leaders Blog detailing how you have completed the challenge by the deadline date of Friday 15th May. Follow the link to read full details of the challenge Challenge #2 and see some of the suggestions. I would like you to think of other ways you can do this, you can add your ideas to the padlet below and we will discuss them in more detail at our next after school meeting on Thursday.

Get your thinking caps on Digital Leaders! You need to spread the word!

Challenge 1

1 05 2015

We have completed challenge 1 by looking round the school for digital technology and putting it on a animoto.

Talitha, Grace, Rebbeca, Emily , Caitlin and Heidi

Bitstrips For Schools, by Talitha and Heidi

1 05 2015

All the Digital Leaders made avatars so we didn’t have to use our own picture on the internet. This is so people visiting our blog don’t know what we really look like and we are thinking about e-safety. We made our avatars using Bitstrips for schools. We logged on to our accounts set up by Mrs Atherton and set our own passwords. Then we clicked on edit avatar. You get to choose the style of our faces including hair length, colour and style  and any facial features.

Finally we saved our avatar in our folders before putting it on to our fact files.

Evaluation: Bitstrips for Schools is relatively easy to use and make our avatars because the software gave us step by step instructions on what to do.

Emily avatar avatar Caitlin avatar grace avatar heidi avatar rebecca

Digital Leaders Rebecca

1 05 2015

What is your favourite software?


Digital Leader Grace

1 05 2015

What is your favourite app?



Digital Leader Caitlin

1 05 2015

I made my fact-file using comic life and made my avatar using Bitstrips for schools.


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