Mr. Mayoh’s First Challenge!

28 04 2015

For the last week, we have been working on our first challenge set by Mr. Mayoh. Our challenge is to conduct a whole school review of what digital technologies we have in school. Classrooms, boxes, drawers and cupboards have been searched! Here is a sneak peek of what we have found so far…

IMG_0769   IMG_0867

The deadline for our challenge is Friday 1st May so we will be posting about our findings before then. You can read the full details of Heywood Digital Leaders blog by following the link.



3 responses to “Mr. Mayoh’s First Challenge!”

29 04 2015
  Mr. Mayoh (06:44:10) :

You have left us some intriguing clues…

I look forward to reading about your completed search!

Mr. Mayoh.

29 04 2015
  Talitha (11:28:15) :

Thank you, we are really looking forward to our next challenge Mr Mayoh.

7 05 2015
  Emily (14:45:34) :

I have had really good fun searching and I hope you enjoy our animoto

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