Challenge 1

18 11 2021

We have completed our first Digital Leader challenge of the year. Here are some of the things we have done.

Rochdale Digital Leaders Meeting Thursday 14th October

22 10 2021

Two of our Year 6 Digital Leaders went to Bowlee Primary School along with Digital Leaders from Harwood Park, All Souls, Milnrow, Woodbridge and Heap Bridge.
They discussed what they wanted to do when they were doing the first challenge and what they wanted to do to progress in their career as a Digital Leader such as setting up assemblies and computing lessons.
They also got to know the other Digital Leaders from other schools and were introduced to the Rochdale Digital Leader blog where they could keep in touch.

Digital Leaders 2021 – 2022

1 10 2021

As we have started a new school year, our first task to recruit some new Digital Leaders before our first challenge is posted on the Rochdale Digital Leader blog. Application forms are available on the school website or from Mrs Atherton. How are you going to advertise and recruit new Digital Leaders? You also need to create your badges for your Digital Leader lanyards. Use SVG Avatars to create your avatar.

Digital Leader Recruitment

23 11 2020

During the Autumn half term we have been busy advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and recruiting Year 5 children to become Digital Leaders. We created a video, which was shared on our school social media accounts and spoke to Year 5 to tell them how to apply for the role. Once the deadline had passed, Mrs Atherton anonymised the forms and we shortlisted 8 children for interview. After half term the interviews were held and we were very impressed with everyone’s presentations. After lots of discussion, we managed to pick three Year 5 children to join us.

Congratulations to the new Year 5 Digital Leaders!

Safer Internet Day 2020

20 01 2020

Made with Padlet

Apple Store, by Olive and Jakub

28 11 2019

This month our highlight has been visiting the Apple Store at the Trafford centre with Digital Leaders from Harwood Park. We attended a workshop with an iGenius and learned how to use the app Procreate, how to layer images and create textures by using different brushes and effects. We hope to be able to use our learning to help other children at school to be able to use the different drawing tools and effects in some of the software we use.

Challenge 1, by Ava, Jakub and Oliver

16 10 2019

We are new Digital Leaders and we were recruited by the Year 6 Digital Leaders through an application form and interview process at the start of the school year.

We used Powerpoint to prepare an excellent assembly for our school so that everyone knows who we are and what we do. We have also worked with Year 1 and worked with the children to create and test their own algorithm with the Bee-Bots.

We decided to have a completely new Digital Leader display in the ICT suite this year and agreed on a Minecraft theme. We will be adding to our display over the year and keeping it updated with all of the exciting things that we will be doing.

On Monday 14th October 2019 we hosted an ‘E-Safety Information Stand’ at parents evening. We displayed National Online Safety user guides and safety tips for parents and guardians on a display board and we went and spoke to parents, guardians, teachers and school governors. We spoke to over 70 different people and signposted them to the e-safety pages on the school website and asked them if there were any apps or software that they would like more information about. Mrs Atherton will use this information to share user guides and safety tips about the apps on our list through the school website and social media pages.

Mrs Atherton has made sure that we have appeared on our school social media pages and we have updated our Hopwood Digital Leader blog and our page on the school website.

Introducing our new Digital Leaders

3 10 2019

Our Year 6 Digital Leaders have completed the interviews with Year 5 applicants and were very impressed with their presentations. It was a very tricky decision to pick just three, but here are our new Digital Leaders!

Challenge 1

3 10 2019

Digital Leaders, here is your first challenge of the academic year. There are different levels you can work towards, as detailed below. But there a lots of different ways to raise awareness of your role, e.g. Having a stand at parents evening, that you could complete, you don’t just have to do the things on the list, they are just suggestions. Leave a comment with your ideas.

Bronze Level

  • Prepare and present an assembly to the whole school telling them who digital leaders are and what you do.
  • Help set up computing lessons across the school
  • Create a display in the school showing the school and visitors who the Digital Leaders are.
  • Create posters around your school publicising the new digital leaders and their role.

Silver Level                               

  • Prepare and present an assembly to the whole school telling them who digital leaders are and what you do.
  • Post a blog/article on ‘your school’ website and on the Digital Leaders page telling others what the digital leaders do and how you can help with computing in your school.

Gold Level

  • Silver criteria + facilitate a staff meeting (inviting governors) telling staff who you are and what you do.

Digital Leader Interviews

23 09 2019

Click HERE for the Hour of Code activity.

Click HERE for the avatar website.

June 2019

18 06 2019

This month we have led a whole school assembly and reminded everyone about our role and what we do before we open applications to replace our outgoing Year 6 Digital Leaders. We also attended the Digital Leader enhancement workshop where we got to use virtual reality headsets to explore Egyptain pyramids, Dubai, and under the sea, we practised programming drones and wrote algorithms so that our camel sprites could enter Strictly Camel Dancing! We also worked with eAWARE and completed e-safety quizes. Our next job is to finish our end of year presentation, which we will be sharing with other Digital Leaders in July.

Safer Internet Day Kahoot Quiz

1 02 2019

Image result for kahoot


As part of our Safer Internet Day activities, you will be running a quiz between each Year group partner classes. Can you think of a question around online safety and this years theme and then give one correct answer and 3 incorrect answers. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

Challenge Two

18 12 2018

At the start of this half term we took part in UK Parliament week and attended our Hopwood Pupil Parliament meeting. We discussed how we could work with other Pupil voice groups and decided to create 12 videos to celebrate the Twelve Books of Christmas and promote reading across school. I was videoed reading an extract from a Christmas book. We also went to Media City to take part in the Walking with the Snowman Trail. We then led an assembly in front of the whole school to tell them all about the snowman trail and our snowman Bill. We have also set up our PIPS PowerPoint presentations which we delivered in class. We set up the iPad and laptops to be used for Times Table Rock Stars day.

By George and Ben

This half term we have been using the app touchcast to help the Year 3 children create their calendars. We set them a background of the 4 seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter. The Digital Leaders made a green screen , set it up in the ICT suite and invited the children up to have their pictures taken in front of the green screen.

I used keynote when doing my PIPS presentation to Year 6. I also discovered how to convert them into a Powerpoint and to email them to our teachers, which I helped some of our pupils across school with. I also taught some of the teachers how to convert them.
We used Movie Maker when creating our ‘12 books of Christmas’ videos and learned how to edit them, add photos, trim sound clips and add videos of our teachers and children reading their favourite Christmas books. These have been published on our school’s social media accounts.
I learnt how to Photoshop our photos of our trip to ‘Walking with the Snowman’. I edited the photos to get rid of the background for our presentation and a poster I made with Rayaan with our snowman Bill on and the twelve large snowman.

By Mia

We have been helping Year 3 do their calendar by using touch cast app, where we use the green screen technology to put them in to different seasons. We also took part in our Digital Leader assembly where we stood up in front of the whole school and told everyone about the snowman walk. Alexia created the power point that we used to support our assembly. She used the images of the snowmen that Mia had saved having photo shopped the backgrounds out.

By Isabelle and Chloe

Challenge 1

19 10 2018

To complete challenge one we recruited new digital leaders from Year 5 to help our Digital Team to become stronger. We created a breaking news video to make people aware of the interviews and recruitment campaign. We then presented to Year 5 our speech and gave out application forms. We then had a pile of application forms, which we read and shortlisted, depending on how well they had completed the application form. We shared the application process on our school social media pages including a photo of our newest Digital Leaders. We have also updated our Digital Leader display in the ICT suite and we’ve been introducing ourselves to staff and pupils.

Watch our animoto below to see what we got up to!

Recruiting New Digital Leaders

16 10 2018

Over the last few weeks we have been very busy recruiting three new Digital Leaders from Year 5.

We created a short video, which were published on our school’s social media accounts, and presented our role to both Year 5 classes.

Mrs Atherton then concealed names on the application forms and we had the task of shortlisting applicants for interview.

The Year 6 Digital Leaders then had the task of drafting questions and tasks for the interviews.

Out of the 9 candidates interviewed, they then had the very difficult job of narrowing it down to just three. During the interview process points were awarded for how well questions were answered and tasks were completed.  The scores were very close, but we would like to introduce our three new Digital Leaders.


Challenge 1

22 09 2018

Welcome back Digital Leaders.

Image result for digital leader badge

Challenge 1 is out now!

Visit the Rochdale Digital Leaders blog to find out more about your first challenge of the year and what you need to do to complete the task

Would you like to become a Digital Leader?

18 09 2018

Image result for we are recruiting

Watch this space to find out more.

We will be recruiting new Digital Leaders in September 2018.

Do you have the skills and qualities we are looking for?

End of the Year

10 07 2018

We are nearly at the end of the school year. Our final challenge was to give a presentation at the KidsMeet to the other Digital Leaders explaining our highlights of the year, our biggest impact this year, top tips for future Digital Leaders and how we had developed during our roles as Digital Leaders.

Here are some of our best bits.

Digital Parenting

18 05 2018

This month we have been distributing the Digital Parenting magazine to every child in school to take home.

The magazine contains lots of advice and articles for parents about the digital world their children are in. It also includes useful user guides to set up parental controls on different apps and devices. You can read a copy of issue 6 by clicking HERE.


Challenge 4

29 03 2018

This half term we have been busy supporting our peers to use apps and software and creating user guides. We have created an iPad library with the user guides that we have made and we will continue to create guides for other apps for staff and pupils to use.

The guide is shared on our blog and our page on the school website. We have also shared some of our user guides on our school’s social media sites.

Museum of Science and Industry – Robots

27 03 2018

On Monday 26th March we visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to see the ‘Robots’ exhibit.

We followed the activity trail and went through different sections split in to marvel, obey, dream, build and imagine.

We saw how computers had developed from CAMs and animatronics, to weaving machines in the industrial revolution, to robots using electricity up to the present day. Here are some pictures and videos from our trip.

Challenge 3

9 02 2018

We were involved in lots of different activities for Safer Internet Day. We completed a lot of work with Rochdale Borough Council and their Safeguarding Children Board. We helped them with their Online Safety Week, which was the same week as Safer Internet Day. We were filmed sharing top tips to stay safe online, which was shared on social media throughout the week. We also helped them prepare an online safety survey and encouraged children at our school to take part. You can see what we got up to by watching our Animoto below.

E-Safety Questionnaire

6 02 2018


A Few weeks ago our Digital Leaders helped review an e-safety survey for Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board in preparation for Safer Internet Day.

They are running an e-safety campaign for the whole week and we will be encouraging other children at our school to take the survey, on the link below.

e-safety survey

Digi Duck

5 02 2018

Image result for digi duck


We will be sharing the story of Digi Duck with Year 2 on Safer Internet Day.


31 01 2018

Over the last few weeks we have been working with Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board and helping them with their new e-safety campaign.

We tested and reviewed a questionnaire aimed at children in the borough. There were lots of different questions including how they access the internet, how often they were on-line in a week, their opinions on certain statements and the apps they use. Then we sent off our feedback,

We have also been busy designing posters and word art for Safer Internet Day in school and preparing our presentation for our assembly on Safer Internet Day.

Finally, we were filmed giving tips to stay safe on line. The clips will be put together by Rochdale Borough Council and used in their e-safety campaign. We can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Create, Connect and Share Respect, by Alexia

23 01 2018

Do you like my Safer Internet Day poster?

Can you share a tip to stay safe online?

Hour of Code

4 12 2017

This week we will be supporting Ks2 to complete the Hour of Code.

Have a look at the different activities and see which ones you think are appropriate for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Leave the link and why you think it is appropriate in the comments box below.

Challenge 2 – Programming

8 11 2017

Challenge 2 is live on the Arch Digital Leader blog and the theme this half term is Programming.


  • Help other classes/children develop programming skills- ask members of staff to help set up lessons and help with troubleshooting issues.


  • Help teachers and children with their programming needs – facilitate alongside class teacher teaching programming – possibly work with specific groups.


  • Silver criteria +
  • Staff meeting/ Governors drop in session to learn how to use scratch and the benefits of programming – exposing the evolving world of the latest technology and how programming feeds this.


Leave with a comment with how you think we can complete this challenge and if you’re aiming for Bronze, Silver or Gold!


Challenge 1

20 10 2017

We have been working hard this half term to  complete our first challenge by introducing ourselves to everyone in school as their new Digital Leaders.

Here are some of the things we have been up to.


Digital Leader Poster, by Rayaan

20 10 2017

Here is the poster I designed as part of our first Digital Leader challenge.

I used Publisher to make the poster.

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